require some bravery and technical know-how though

Cook and Musk both claim that they’ve never interacted or spoken, even though they sat just feet from each other in 2016 during a meeting Donald Trump. Cook said to The New York Times recently that Musk has earned his respect and admiration for the business he built. Tesla is doing an amazing job, not just establishing itself as the leader in the EV market but maintaining it for so long.

Two companies might also view each other in the near future as competitors. Apple has plans to launch an electric car later this year. Musk is not likely to be happy that Apple’s electric car project will be run by Doug Field and his former directors of interiors and exteriors carplay tesla for cars, Autopilot and drivetrains.

Apple and Tesla should work behind the scene even if they can’t reach an understanding. It could be improved by syncing iPhone text messages to Tesla in-car systems and letting the music apps drill into iPhone libraries. Apple is deploying iPhone satellite features to be used in emergency situations. Apple, which has been exploring satellite technology for nearly five year now, is preparing to launch its emergency iPhone features. Apple is working with at least 2 approaches, including sending SOS distress messages for remote crises like sinking boats or plane crashes.

Some have said that we’ll see features in the iPhone 13 this year, but I was told they won’t be live until 2019. This doesn’t mean the hardware will not be available this year. But don’t look to your iPhone for life-saving features until next year. I’ve been asked if the new features of the iPhone allow it to function as a satellite and be able to place calls in any part of the world, even without coverage by cellular networks. Answer: No. It’s unlikely to be happening anytime soon, whether it is next year or now. Apple would have to launch a new feature that would need hardware which isn’t ready yet, be costly and might cause the carriers Apple depends on to rebel.

Emergency features are only available in certain areas and markets. Apple is planning to eventually deploy its array of satellites for data transmission to devices. But this plan may be years from becoming reality. Apple Watch Series 7 is getting a major screen upgrade. Good luck finding one. Apple Watch Series 5 is the first Apple Watch I have owned. I wasn’t really impressed with the product. I decided that after not using one for some time, it was about time to join the Apple bandwagon again with Series 5. The Series 5 was not a major upgrade, but included features that I had missed, such as a larger display, LTE connectivity, and an actual processor.

After that upgrade, I’ve worn my Apple Watch every day. I wear the Series 6 right now, and I am very excited for Series 7. A bigger screen is the main new feature. The focus this year will not be on the health upgrade, but rather a redesign with flat edges, a brand new display, and a completely new chip.

Watches will have a screen of 1.9 inch on the large model. I’ve written about this in the past. This is only an 8% increase diagonally but when you look at the entire screen, it’s between 20-30% larger.